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Christopher Columbus

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The birthplace of Christopher Columbus

Thanks to the valuable work of two passionate Ligurian researchers, Dr. Anna Maria Salone, and our fellow Cav. Antonio Calcagno and after four years of research and translation of unpublished documents Italian and Spanish, there is now conclusive evidence that the great discoverer of the New World was "natural de Cugureo" (native Cogoleto). What was a very ancient tradition of our perceived by some, even among us, with doubtful mind, receive the publication (sponsored by the City of Cogoleto), the book reveals the secrets of Christopher Columbus "an authoritative confirmation. The two authors of historical research, have fascinated and moved those present Saturday, May 29 story about this long and adventurous research.

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San Lorenzo Oratory in local art, presented by journalist Cristina Carbonell Rai Uno, the presence of Mayor Attilio Zanetti and civil and military authorities along with other journalists and cameramen. After the presentation of the book, the Mayor accompanied by the authorities intervened and the parade in sixteenth-century costumes, to take the road more than five centuries ago, certainly has many times the path Young and Christopher went to the house where he lived and where the result of historical documents has been drawn up the will of his father. A plaque indicates that now without more uncertainties this house as that of Christopher Columbus, was discovered in the memory of this new certainty. The city has wanted to pull over to the presentation of the book, a series of events highlighting our fellow citizens and the world, the importance of the new documents discovered. The village, decked in their Sunday best, was enhanced by the presence of people in costume, with a historical parade with more than a hundred characters, with flag bearers and musicians, and shops in the same style as those that existed at the time of Columbus. It was even possible to try out games for adults and children who point to the era of the Colombo child. A beautiful event, to enhance the work of two researchers who have brought new evidence on a tradition but it certainly was not without supporters before. For a perhaps unintended coincidence, just above the new plaque discovered by Mayor Zanetti, there is another saying: "Farewell September 2, 1857, King Umberto, Amedeo and his brother, the prince of Piedmont, and the memories of home Discovery visited the Great. " The plaque was placed by the municipality and then ran the year 1888. Then for many years, this tradition also had endorsements of such prominent figures from research which has been weakened, perhaps not entirely disinterested, who wanted the city of Genoa Cristoforo Colombo. In 1929, for example, was published in "La Stampa" of the long article that took up two full pages of the newspaper where a result of documents found in the Vatican, was alleged to Cogoleto the birth of Columbus. But this great newspaper, but dutifully posting the news highlight carefully avoided in the title and left it was just the astute reader is interested in finding long hidden within the article. Perhaps the greatness of Fascist Italy just so useful that a prestigious name such as Columbus, was next to a small, small town in the province of Genoa and maybe there's no way of luxury that they had then given birth a Roman ... But even in a time much closer to us, it seemed inappropriate to many admit that such a great discoverer could have originated from such a small country. The cogoletesi older people will remember the battles between historical records and our mayor Luigi Poggi Nicholas and then powerful Senator Paolo Emilio Taviani. Taviani was one of the most passionate students of Colombian history and had written many books on the subject, argued the Genoese Colombo (Genoa visitatissima there is a "House of Columbus" heedless of the fact that in that place, at the time Columbus there were, apparently, a nunnery). Our mayor Poggi, who also claimed his argument with credible documentation, could not stand the overflowing culture Taviani and his high prestige and political power and was often acknowledged as intrusive character. The new documents make it justice, albeit posthumously. An even more bitter fate was affected by Bernardo Colombo, a deckhand and uneducated, but nonetheless legitimate heir of the great discoverer, was unceremoniously sent home by people, educated, powerful and ... dishonest, which they considered inappropriate for a fortune of that size were to get an insignificant heir. If, however legitimate. The handsome volume that tells these fascinating stories, is in the library and I would say that in order not to hurt the deepest historical roots, honoring our beautiful city should not be left in the house for no good cogoletese.

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Before that, unfortunately, the changes were made to the house, followed by the comment that we report in full: "It would be good that Americans remember Christopher Columbus not only for his discovery but also for its principle of progress. From this it should be so grateful to raise to the side of the humble house in Cogoleto a giant tower that would be visible from far away in the Gulf of Genoa, equivalent to a starlit flag exclaimed to the world: this is the birthplace of Christopher Columbus. "



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